Are you interested in taking martial arts for health and balance but don't know much about the different styles or physical requirements? Call Austin Chayon-Ryu and get started now in making a permanent, healthy lifestyle change.

What is Chayon-Ryu?
Chayon-Ryu (Korean for "The Natural Way") was developed over many years by Grandmaster Kim Soo. Chayon-Ryu is based on the movements found within each of its parent styles: Chinese Chu'an Fa, Okinawan Karate, Korean Taekwondo, and Japanese Judo, Jujitsu, and Aikido/Hapkido. Chayon-Ryu teaches natural body motion as the basis of all techniques in order to promote power, safety, health, and fitness.

Every martial art has a spiritual path, just as it has a foundation in combat. Chayon-Ryu chooses to emphasise both aspects equally, striving to empart both the physical ability to protect oneself, as well as the self-discipline required to truly be a practitioner of the artform. Austin Chayon-Ryu is very proud of our martial arts lineage — tracing our roots back to some of the greatest martial arts teachers of Japan, Korea, and China — and that classical approach is what we offer to incoming students.

Grandmaster Kim Soo calls forms 'moving meditation,' and Master Geary will be the first to tell you how true that sentiment is. The true value of traditional martial arts, once the student knows how to defend themselves and their loved ones, is the journey to self-improvement and the confidence gained on the way.

For more information on Chayon-Ryu, visit the World Headquarters.
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