First of all, how much?
Classes are $80 per month, per person for adults, and $75 for children. This includes as many classes as you wish to attend in our weekly schedule, but does not include dobok (uniform) or sparring pads. There is an additional materials fee of $50 when testing for a new belt, which pays for the belt, the bricks or boards broken, a certificate of completion, and the preparation of the space for testing.

What should I expect to gain from Chayon Ryu?
Strength, balance, stress relief, weight loss, confidence, and the ability to count to ten in Korean. We are a lifestyle martial art and strive to practice in a manner that will not result in any injury, permanent or temporary; however, if this is your first foray into the martial arts, you will certainly experience sore and stiff muscles over the first few weeks of regular classes. If you have pre-existing injuries (back, shoulder, knees, etc), you can still join the ranks of many great martial artists that choose not to do flying sidekicks; just let us know.

The white belt program is designed to show you some of everything that Chayon Ryu has to offer, so that you can decide for yourself if our system is right for you. Beginners will receive instruction in self defense, learn the fundamentals of striking and blocking, how to fall and how to throw, as well as the first set of basic forms. Progression to orange belt takes an average of three months.

What should I wear to my first lesson?
Please wear long, loose-fitting pants and a t-shirt for your introductory lesson. We can get you into a proper uniform if you decide that Chayon-Ryu is right for you.


For more information or to schedule an introductory lesson, please contact Master Geary at (512) 698-5077 or through email at