About Our Chief Instructor

Master Kim Geary is an 8th Dan Black Belt who began her training in Chayon-Ryu in 1975 in the original Austin Branch of Kim Soo Karate. She is one of the highest-ranking female martial artists in the world and has received numerous honors and awards for her teaching abilities.

Master Geary has been inducted into the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and was chosen four times to teach Chayon-Ryu at the National Women's Martial Arts Federation "Special Training" summer camp for women. A graduate of the University of Texas, she is a Texas State Certified Professional Engineer and has taught Chayon-Ryu all over Texas and all around the world in her four decades of training. She opened a branch of Kim Soo Karate in Austin, Texas in 1990 and has taught continuously since.



For more information or to schedule an introductory lesson, please contact Master Geary at (512) 698-5077 or through email at kvgeary@gmail.com.